Can not reach the Webpage/Dialer

We have received some reports from customers getting disconnected from the dialler and not able to open the webpage.

We are currently investigating and believe this may be related to specific ISP network issues. We believe these issues which are external to us have now subsided and service is returning to normal.

If you are currently experiencing this issue there is a temporary work around while this external issue gets fixed; this involves changing individual host files on each PC within your network, please contact your IT department for instructions on how to do this.  The following line will need to be added :-
Any problems please contact the support department.

The ISP issue can be seen at:


The incident has been confirmed as a third party issue, external to us. Since it subsided yesterday, we have had no further issues or reports to our support team.

We will be providing an reason for incident report in due course for this.

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