Selecting a Timezone

EasyContactNow has now improved its timezone support. Not only can you set you contact centre’s time zone but it is also possible to control outbound dialling and schedule calls to customers in other time zones.


We will maintain the current time zone for all contact centres that have selected a city or location. We have deprecated support for offsets. Where a contact centre is using an offset, a city from that time zone will be selected instead.

To change the time zone of your contact centre go to System setup and pick a city or location from the drop-down list.

To change your contact centre’s language, hover over the configuration icon on your navigation bar, select System setup and find the setting on the System options tab. Scroll down and pick a city or location from the drop-down list.

Operating hours for outbound dialling

Time of Day policies have been improved and can now control when the dialler makes calls on a particular outbound queue. You can use an existing Time of Day policy or create a new one with a custom schedule and apply it to as many queues are you like.

First, set up a Time of Day policy with the queue’s operating hours. An outbound queue will dial when the policy is set to Active (previously called Queue). Remember to select a time zone if the queue is being used to dial customers in a different location. Finally edit the outbound queue and select the correct Time of Day policy from the drop down list on the Settings tab.

With a Time of Day policy applied an outbound queue only dials within the time period defined, even if a user is Available outside these hours. This gives you much greater control over your dialling activity.

Conflicts between rules are resolved by applying the rule with the highest priority.

You can use Time of Day policies to automatically switch users between different campaigns throughout the day or to enforce breaks, or you stop dialling a few minutes before the end of the day to reduce abandoned calls when users log off.

Time of Day policies do not stop manual calls or scheduled call backs from being dialled. It only controls automated calls in Predictive, Progressive, Preview and Advanced Preview dialling modes.

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