Salesforce CRM Sync -Troubleshooting

CRM sync is designed to keep data up to date in EasyContactNow and your Salesforce account. If you are having trouble setting up the CRM sync or if the sync process has stopped working follow the following steps to try to rectify the problem.

Step 1 - Check which edition of Salesforce you are using

There are multiple versions of Salesforce and each one has a different set of features. For the CRM sync to work you need any version of Salesforce that includes Integration via web service API. For both Sales and Service cloud, this is Enterprise and above. If you know which version of Salesforce you are using you can view it on the pricing page on the Salesforce website to check that Integration via web service API is available in your Salesforce edition.

Step 2 - Check your Salesforce login information

Login to your Salesforce account to check that you have the correct email address and password. If you have lost your password or it has expired you can reset it on the Salesforce website.

If you change your password you will need to generate a new API token. For more information see Step 3.

Step 3 - Check your Salesforce Security Token

A Salesforce Security Token allows EasyContactNow access to your account data in a secure way. If you do not have a Security Token, or if you have changed your password, you will need to generate a new Security Token. Login to your Salesforce account and follow this guide to create one.

Step 4 - Check your Salesforce user permissions

Your user account in Salesforce will have a profile assigned to it. The permissions defined in the profile dictate what you can and cannot do in Salesforce. In order for EasyContactNow to work with your Salesforce account there are two permissions that your user account needs to have enabled.

API Enabled - This allows your account to issue calls and receive the results. We use these APIs to set up and run the CRM sync process.

Modify All Data - This allows your account to make changes to data in your Salesforce account. We use to sync changes made in EasyContactNow into your customer data. You can read more about this permission on the Salesforce website.

Check which profile is assigned to your Salesforce user account and make sure that both of the required permissions are enabled. If they are not available you will need to change to a different profile or edit your current profile so that the required permissions are enabled.

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