[Notification] Dialling International Numbers

A number of weeks ago we had to implement a process in order to reduce the risk of fraudsters dialling international premium numbers that were not listed on our carrier’s standard tariff sheets. We introduced a code change so that all numbers that were not recognised  on our lists were billed at a significantly higher rate than normal. When this was flagged by a customer we would investigate the numbers dialled, locate a true cost and then add the numbers dial code into our tariff list, reducing any nominal overcharging once the rate was confirmed. This was causing inconvenience to a small number of affected customers and was therefore not a viable solution for us.

As of today, Friday 1st July 2016 we are implementing a Whitelist for all known dialing codes on our carriers billing lists which means that only recognised dialing codes with costs against them will be allowed to connect through our gateways. Any number that is not recognised will get a Call Outcome: 52 - Dead Line: NO_ROUTE_DESTINATION

We are doing this in order to reduce the risk to ourselves and yourselves and because not allowing a call to connect is less intrusive than over-billing as a way to flag numbers that fall outside the known ranges and require further investigation.

If you do get the above error message and you want to dial a number or range of numbers that fall outside the approved range then please email Support@xxxxxxxxx listing the dialling codes. Once we are able to confirm a rate (which could take hours or in some cases longer, depending on the country) we will make the changes which will be updated overnight and we will then confirm when dialling those numbers will be possible.

We are confident that this is the fairest and most efficient way of dealing with such issues and will do all we can to minimise and further disruption.


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