UPDATED: Gateway Timeouts - 23/06/2016

We have received several reports of customers experiencing 504 gateway timeouts on the platform.

This is currently under investigation by the infrastructure team and is being treated with the highest priority.

We invite all customers experiencing the issue to report this to our support team:

Phone: 0345 286 4697




11:34 - 

Service has now returned for customers who initially reported the problem. We believe the platform to currently be stable.

We are still investigating the root cause at this time, and any updates will be issued shortly.


A code release which was applied to the platform yesterday evening has been rolled back as this code push may have contributed to the outage today. This rollback was completed at 11:55 today and the platform has been stable since. We are closely monitoring the situation and will confirm once we are certain that the issue is resolved.



We have now completed remedial actions and after constant monitoring it appears as if the cause of the 2 short instances of disruption has been cleared. The next update will be when we issue an RFO for the incident.

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