Service disruption - EasyContactNow - 15/06/2016

We are currently aware of several issues affecting customer on the EasyContactNow platform. Symptoms include; Unable to disposition, high wait times, slow dialling, general lag on the dialler.

This is being treated with the highest priority, and our infrastructure team are working to resolve the issues.

We advise customers who experience the above symptoms to contact our support team - | 0345 286 4697



15:34 -

Investigations are ongoing. We would like to reiterate that this is being treated with the highest priority possible. The problems appear to be intermittent at this stage, and we strongly advise that customers raise a support ticket with our team if affected.


16:22 -

We've been through the system with a fine tooth comb and cannot see an obvious single pint of failure. However we have consensus on the solution and we are faced with 2 choices. The first option which we have rejected is to take down the entire platform and all connected calls and logged-in agents which number many hundreds in order to apply physical upgrades that cannot be achieved dynamically.

We are not willing to take option 1 so after 9:00pm tonight when the platform is virtually empty we will be increasing resources in our 'session tiering layer' in a maintenance window. During this time agents will not be able to connect or dial but this is the only way to reduce the likelihood of these issues recurring and inconveniencing customers further.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience, and apologise for the inconvenience you have been caused.

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