UPDATED with RFO - Service Disruption- 22 April

We have had reports that some customers may be experiencing issues such as;


-Agents being kicked out of the dialler

-High wait times


This issue has now been resolved.


For further information please contact support:


Thank you for your patience regarding this matter.


Reason for Service Incident – Final

Date: 22nd April 2016

Platform: Easy Contact Now (106)


At 15:52 on Friday 22nd April 2016, several customers reported agents being logged out, screens freezing and/or calls not completing. The MSO process was started, but symptoms had cleared by this time. A critical software push was deployed at midday on the Easy Contact Now platform. This was successful, but a part of that process made a bulk change to database later in the afternoon which slowed the system for the duration of the transactions.


  • 15:52: Certain transactions running slowly
  • 15:57: Backlog of transactions clears
  • 16:03:MSO process begun
  • 16:05: Engineers confirm system had already automatically recovered
  • 16:20: Root cause identified.

Root Cause

A hot-fix software push created a long running database query which then slowed platform performance.

Preventative Actions

The change management process was changed such that hotfixes are only pushed at night.

We apologise unreservedly for the inconvenience caused.

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