FINAL UPDATE - Call recording issue 4, 5 and 6 April 2016

We are sorry for the recent issue relating to the delay in call recordings being available for download. The original design of our call recording system was built around customer compliance requirements that focused on us being able to make sure that virtually all calls were recorded and saved and for a large majority of our customers which this still is the case.

We have recently found that a growing number of customers are also telling us that having virtually immediate access is also a requirement. In reality, although call recordings have been available within minutes of the call, this is not something that we have ever been able to guarantee.

We are reviewing some alternatives to be able to meet both requirements of recording all calls and also having access to them within 5 minutes, however this would involve a complete redesign of the entire call recording platform.

In the interim, we understand how important this is to you and we are doing everything within our power to maintain the best service we can. That said, we are not able to guarantee immediate access to those recordings 100% of the time.

As soon as we have a suitable and scalable solution in place we will broadcast a message to all affected customers.

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