Stop Call Recording on Transfers

This function allows Administrators and have the ability to enable or disable call recording on all transfers. When the function is enabled, call recordings will stop when a call is transferred.

This is to ensure that recording of the customer’s conversation with the third party is not captured as part of the Agent's call recording

When playing the recorded call from the Calls Report, the recorded call length will only cover the duration of the call before the call is transferred to a third party. If the call is transferred internally a new call recording will start from the moment the call is connected to the transferred Agent.

By default the setting is disabled for all existing and new queues.

Enabling & Disabling Call Recording on Transfers

Enabling or disabling recordings can be configured by editing an inbound or outbound queue. Click on the settings cog as shown in the image below.


The setting to control call recordings on transfers will appear on the settings tab.

When an Agent dials a cold transfer the Agent is no longer on the call and will be prompted to disposition the call resulting in the stoppage of the call recording.

When an agent participates in a warm transfer the call recording continues until the agent performs one of the following actions.

  • The Agent ends the third party call and returns to the customer the call recording continues as normal.
  • The Agent completes the transfer and leaves the conversation the recording of the agent’s leg stops. There is no recording of the customer’s conversation with the third party.
  • The Agent creates a conference between the themselves, the customer and the third party the call recording continues as normal. This is because the agent remains active in the call.

When the agent is in a conference any of the above actions can be performed and the recording will continue or stop as described.


Q - Which queues have this feature?

A - The ability to stop call recordings on transfer is available for all Inbound and Outbound queues.

Q - What is the default setting for this feature?

A - The default setting for this feature if off for all existing and new queues. It must be enabled manually.

Q - What happens to calls transferred internally?

A - If the call is transferred to a queue within the contact centre with call recording turned on the transfer call will be recorded, but the original call recording will stop.

Q - Can agents still pause the call recording?

A - If your Agents are able to pause their call recording this feature will still work. If the recording is paused when the agent leaves the call the audio file will stop when the recording was paused.

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