System Disruption - 2nd July 10:30

10:30 - Customers are reporting general lag issues affecting dispositioning calls, screen pops and general agent screen lag. Our infrastructure team are working hard to resolve the issue, another update will be provided shortly. 

11:00 - Our team are still investigating the root cause of the issue. Another update will be provided as soon as possible.

11:15 - The issue has now been resolved and customers should no longer experience issues on the platform. If you experience any further issues, please contact the support team and they will be happy to help. 



Several customers reported they had issues dispositioning calls and general lag on refreshing screens with some or all of their agents.
This was found to be caused by one of the Node servers (1 of 3) stopping serving requests. No alarms were generated as the server process was still running.
Prevention of reoccurrence: An edge case bug has been found which caused this problem.  A hotfix is being prepared and will be deployed before 9am Friday 3rd July.


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