System Disruption - 1st July 14:48

14:48 - We are currently experiencing a slight slow down on the platform causing general lag on the agent page and difficulty logging in. Our engineers are working hard to resolve this issue; another update will be provided shortly.

15:00 - Our infrastructure team are still working on resolving the issue, another update will be provided shortly.

15:17 - The issue has now been resolved and we are working on providing information on the root cause of the issue. A fault report will be provided shortly. 


A few customers reported they were unable to access services, agents were logged off and other general performance problems.  Alarms were also received from DXI's remote monitoring in Ireland reporting missed packets.  
No platform issues were found and the alarm from the monitor in Ireland (a process running on AWS) cleared after one iteration. Alarm polling interval is 60 seconds.  No alarms were received from either of the other remote monitors in France or US West Coast.
It is assumed that some sort of Internet related connectivity issue occurred affecting certain users.  
Prevention of reoccurrence : Whilst it is not possible to prevent connectivity issues, DXI recognises that the impact of even a short loss of connectivity can be extensive as agents typically have to log back in again or clear browser caches. Ongoing development work is being undertaken to reduce the impact of such disconnections.
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