System Disruption - 27th May 10:30am

The London Internet Exchange (Linx) is having a major problem which is affecting multiple suppliers. We have dropped the physical connection to them enabling our customers to access all of our systems. All our services should be back, but please be aware that if your ISP uses the same Linx peering, your own internet service will be affected. Unfortunately, this is not something we can help with, and you need to contact your own ISP

We apologise for the interruption of service.

-- Post Mortem --

We received the following fault report from Linx

"We believe the flooding was caused by a known Juniper issue, whereby AE’s with >= 8 links are incorrectly programmed. The flooding subsided when a member on the device shutdown all 8 ports in their LAG. We have applied a work-around which should prevent this from happening when the member brings up their bundle.

We have also been advised to replace a member facing line card on edge1-thn, as it is demonstrating memory errors."


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