Download data from Salesforce

In order to be able to download data from Salesforce, you must first Add a Salesforce CRM account.

If a Salesforce account is successfully configured you can download your Salesforce data into EasyContactNow. To download your Salesforce data, hover over the Data icon from the Navigation bar and click on Import CRM Data. You will be presented with the screen below.


Click on Download Data and you will be presented with a screen from which you can select the account you wish to download data from.

Select the Salesforce account you wish to download a data from and click on Download. The chosen Salesforce data is now downloaded.

The downloaded data is now ready to be imported into the system. Click on the Settings cog and select Import to import the data.

You will be redirected to the Import a File as a Dataset process. When this is completed Salesforce is successfully integrated and your data is now imported. The imported data will be ready to be deployed for use from Dataset Management.

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