Configure Idle Timer

To configure Idle Timer, navigate to the Agent, Teams and Queues from the Configuration menu and select the Queues tab.

You can enable or disable the Idle Timer per queue basis. Click on the Gear icon next to the inbound queue you wish to set an Idle Timer to, then choose Edit from the drop down menu. The option to turn Idle Timer on or off is found under the Settings tab.

Administrators can set the timer by switching the feature On and setting the delay period between 0 and 86,400 seconds. The default setting is 0 seconds. If set to 0 then the agent will go straight intoAvailable status.

With Available Toggle set to On you will be able to see the countdown on the bottom of the Phone.

If the Idle Timer is On, the agent will disposition the call and their status will change to Idle - Countdown for the time period set on that queue. The countdown shows a red line running right to left as the time ticks down and the clock counts down the specified period. At end of the countdown, the agent will go to the Available status.

When the Idle – Countdown is in progress, the agent can escape the countdown by clicking on the status to expand the options. NB - The clock will still keep running down.

  • If the agent chooses Available the countdown stops and the agent goes straight to the new status.
  • If the agent selects an extended idle reason i.e. Break, the countdown stops and they go straight to that new status selected. The agent will have to manually go to Available to receive further calls.
  • Idle – Countdown is not a status the agent can choose, the agent can only be put into it by the Idle Timer.

When the Available Toggle is set to Off, the Idle Timer does not work, whether the queue is configured or not.

An agent dispositioning a call with the Available Toggle set to Off, will go to Idle after dispositioning a call.

If Available Toggle is turned off to escape the Idle Countdown, the user must log out and log back in again to resume using Idle Countdown.

For reporting purposes, time spent in Idle Countdown is included in the report for time spent in Idle Status.

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