Webphone not working after Google Chrome v42 update

Our web phone uses Java, and he latest version of Chrome has issues loading Java applications, To resolve this you only need to take a few easy steps.

1. Make sure Chrome is completely up to date - Version 42. To check this go to;
Options button (top-right, three horizontal lines) > "About Google Chrome"
2. When you've made sure that you have the latest version, type "chrome://flags/#enable-npapi" into a new tab.
You should see the same as the below. Click "Enable".
3. Once Enabled, close the browser and reload. Try the webphone once again. If the "Oracle" page is still being displayed, first verify you have the latest version. If not, download it:
4. If the webphone still isn't loading as expect, restart your PC and try once more. If you run into any issues along the way, or would like someone to talk through the process with you, please contact the support desk
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