Advanced Preview Dialling Mode

The Advanced Preview Dialling Mode offers some additional enhancements to the normal preview mode. This allows an agent to view available information about the customer and define a strategy before dialling begins. Details of the customer, the script and record history all appear as if the user is on call.

Administrators can Set up Advanced Preview Dialling Mode for individual Outbound queues from the Queues tab page under Agents, Teams and Queues

As well as information about the customer, preview mode dialling enables the user to view the history of the customer with the contact centre. Preview mode also changes the user and the phone’s status.

If enabled, the preview countdown will have started. The countdown is visualised with a red line that slowly shrinks towards the left like a loading bar in reverse. See Set up Advanced Preview Dialling Mode for information on editing the length of the countdown..

If countdown is set at 0 the record would dial immediately. If countdown option is disabled, the record would be presented to the user and would require user intervention to progress the call.

The user has two options: Dial the record before the countdown ends or Reject the record and select an Outcome. If the dialler detects an answer machine while in preview mode the user is taken straight to Disposition.

If the user does not choose either of these two actions before the countdown runs out the record will be dialled automatically.

If the user decides to Dial they can select one of the numbers available from the Home, Work or Mobile phone fields, if sequential mode [optional setting] is enabled the dialler will try one number after the other automatically.

Numbers that have already been tried will appear as crossed out. If the user clicks reject, this will reject the whole record and not just that number.

Once the user clicks on Dial or the countdown ends, the Phone changes to the 'dialling animation’ until the customer picks up and the call continues as normal.

If the customer doesn’t answer, the users can Hangup after the minimum ring time. If the user decides to hang up they must first select an outcome.

An Advanced Preview Dialling Report is automatically generated and made available for Administrators and Supervisors in the Analytics section.

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