Configure global agent options

Administrators can use the Global agent options tab to select how agents can connect a call. This option tab can be accessed from the System Setup page. You can control all of your agent's functions by enabling or disabling options such as making manual calls, pausing call recording, call highlights and tags. If you make tags mandatory you must set up at least one tag.

  • Login Options: allows the agent to set their preferred method of log in. (The available options are web phone, soft phone, desk phone and on demand).
  • Manual Call: defines whether the agent can manually enter numbers to a call or if they are only allowed to take/make calls from the dialler.
  • TPT Dial: enables or disables the Third Party Transfer option, which allows agents to Transfer a call to a third party.
  • Cold Transfer : related to TPT. When enabled, agents can transfer the call directly without speaking to the third party first.
  • Pause Recording: allows the agent to pause the recording of calls in progress to avoid capturing sensitive personal and / or financial information.
  • Call Highlighting: allows agents to highlight specific parts of their calls, e.g. customer details. Recorded highlights can be listened from the Call highlights Report (only if this option is enabled).
  • Show Balance to Agents: defines whether or not to show the contact centre balance in the top right to agents.
  • Show Balance to Supervisors: same as Show Balance to Agents but only to those with supervisor's access
  • Enable tags: enables or disables the option to Tag a call. You can also make tagging mandatory. Read more on how to Manage Tags.
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