Add a Schedule call Plug-in

To create a plug-in, click Add plug-in at the top-right of the Plug-ins page. This will open the plug-in editor.

First type a name and specify the domain the plug-in will be used on. Then select the campaign and then a queue the number will be dialled from. Click Save to create the plug-in and its code will be displayed.

Once saved the preview is shown on the button. You can change the theme so the button matches the your brand colours.

At the bottom of the page an automatically generated code is shown. The code is in two halves. The first part is the Javascript and needs to be pasted after the opening <body> tag. The second part is the HTML and is placed where you want the button to be shown on your website.

If the settings of the plug-in are changed you will see a notification explaining that you need to update the HTML code. Simply copy and paste it in the place of the existing code and the plug-in will be updated.

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