Allocate Direct Dial-In (DDI) numbers

The Allocate direct dial-in (DDI) numbers feature allows you to obtain local numbers from most areas of the country on demand. If they are not on the screen simply log a request for an allocation to a certain number with DXI support and one will usually be assigned within an hour. It maybe that the number range you require is on the protected list ( areas where numbers are short) and if this is the case, you will informed, you may order a number in these ranges, we will apply on your behalf with your company name and address.

To access the Allocate direct dial-in (DDI) numbers feature, hover over the Configuration icon in the Navigation bar, then click on Allocate DDI.

Choosing new numbers

The Allocate direct dial-in (DDI) numbers page displays a list of numbers you have already been allocated, and a form to obtain more numbers.

To start the process, you need to decide on what area code you would like to obtain numbers from. You can select it by using either the name of the area, or the BT number block.


The Suffix option allows you to pick the last digits for an allocated number. For example if you wanted a block of 100 numbers you may like them to start at “00”.

When you are requesting multiple numbers you can also decide whether they need to be consecutive or whether you are happy for them to be allocated from whatever ranges are available, in no particular order.

Number type

The Number Type options allow you to filter out more expensive numbers – the price increases from standard through silver, gold and platinum. The range of numbers you have selected from may contain `desirable` numbers, such as those that are easy to remember, these are priced at a premium rate compared to other numbers. If you are happy to include them you should tick the appropriate boxes to do so.

The Block Size option determines how many numbers, from the range available, you wish to purchase. When selecting larger block sizes, if you have set the “Consecutive” option to “yes” then you should be mindful that the range is likely to include desirable numbers. Unless you select all the number types you may not be able to see any available numbers.

Confirming your choices

Once you have the list of numbers you wish to purchase click on the Next button to move to the confirmation page. This page will display the total costs for your selection with a ‘Confirm’ button to confirm the purchase.

Some numbers are charged for on a recurring monthly basis. Even if you do not use them you will continue to be charged for them every month. If your account remains at a negative balance for more than 3 months your numbers may be re-allocated to another customer.

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