Manage messaging templates

You can manage your existing message templates that will be applied to the SMS outbound queue.

Navigate to Agents, Teams and Queues from the Configuration menu, click the Gear icon on the right of the relevant queue and select Edit. In the menu that will appear, click on Manage Message Templates. This will open the Message Template Manager.

From the Message Template Manager you can edit the details of your previous message templates, including template name, content of the message and type of message (email or SMS template).

You can also add a new template by clicking on Add Template.

Fill in the description by giving your template a name, inputting the template message and type of template you would like to send out. It is possible to include customer information in a message using the same placeholders as the Agent script. This allows you to personalise the message or include an appointment time etc stored in the dataset.

Click Create to create your new message template.

All message templates are listed down on the left handside of the page. Click Back to Queues and select the template you wish to apply on the SMS outbound queue. From you need to click Submit to give your SMS outbound queue a message.

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