Create an SMS Broadcast Queue

The SMS broadcast queue feature allows the agent to send bulk SMS messages.

If this SMS service is for the purposes of Sales and Marketing, the data you send to must be opted in to ensure you adhere to the Electronic Privacy and Communication Act.

To set up the SMS broadcast queue, hover over the Configuration icon in the Navigation bar, click on Agents, Teams and Queues and then click on the Queues tab.

Next, click on Add Queue and select the SMS Broadcast option.

The Create SMS Broadcast Queue screen will appear as shown below.

Select the Campaign, give your queue a name. Click Create once completed.

You will be transferred to the Messaging Services, from where you can manage your existing SMS broadcast.

Once you have created a SMS broadcast queue, the screen below is where you can edit the settings e.g. scheduled start, hard stop and message content.

  • Scheduled start: clicking the start button will activate the default current time and date of when you have clicked.
  • Hard stop: the stop button will restart both fields.
  • Messaging Content: this field is used for entering the message you intend to send to the customer (as you are sending bulk messages; the purpose of this SMS service is used only for Sales and Marketing).

Once you have finished editing the settings, click Submit to save them

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