Create an Outbound Queue

An outbound queue is used to make outgoing calls to your customers. Only Admin users are able to create an outbound queue.

To create an outbound queue, open the Configuration from the Navigation bar then click on Agents, Teams and Queues.

Click on the Queues tab. Next, click on Add Queue on the top right corner of the page and select Outbound from the list.

The Add Outbound Queue page will display a drop-down campaign selector select the campaign the queue belongs to and enter a name to identify the queue.

Abandon: You have the option to either chose an existing abandon audio, upload a new one or use the Text to Speech function. An abandon message will be played to the customer when an agent is unavailable) Ofcom rules dictate that you must have an abandon message and this is enforced in the system.

Script Text: This is a predefined function which is displayed to the agent  you have the option to create a customer script for the agent by typing in the Script text box. Once satisfied click Add and you outbound queue will be created with your prefered configurations.

A success message will indicate that you have successfully created an outbound queue.

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