Sync CRM data

Once the CRM setup is enabled and integration is successfully carried out, you will be able to sync imported data through the use of CRM Sync management feature.

To sync CRM data, hover over the Data icon from the Navigation bar and click on CRM Sync. You can also sync data per the sync interval configured.

  • Dataset: Your number of the dataset you would like to sync.
  • CRM Account: The specific CRM account.
  • CRM Campaign: The name of the campaign.
  • Interval: Set the interval in minutes. The sync management will sync data, at the very least, every 5 minutes.
  • Last Import: Date and Time of your last sync.
  • Status: The state of the data sync.
  • Start / Pause: You can pause and restart the data sync.
  • On Demand: Force sync is available by clicking the on demand sync function.

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