Add a CRM account

The CRM Accounts section allows you to integrate your existing customer relationship management systems with EasyContactNow. With this, you will be able to manipulate, download and feed data through to EasyContactNow automatically, allowing a unified solution easier to manage on a day to day basis, ensuring data can be kept in sync and updated in real time.

To add a CRM account hover over the Configuration icon in the Navigation bar and click on CRM accounts, then click Add CRM. This will display the screen shown below.

Enter your CRM credentials here and select Save CRM. The new account will be displayed.

Your CRM credentials will be issued by the respective CRM you are using. Currently EasyContactNow supports Salesforce and Zendesk. Other CRMs will be added to the list as they become available.

See Add Salesforce CRM Account and Add Zendesk CRM Account to see the credentials you need to integrate your CRM with EasyContactNow.

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