SMS Report

The SMS report shows the details regarding SMS messages you have previously sent out. It mimics the style of the Calls Report. You can specify details by using the filter options and clicking on Generate to view the report.

To view the SMS report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation bar and click on SMS.

You can filter the report based on various criteria such as time period, campaign, dataset, agent and result. You can also narrow the report to a specific call ID, URN, callerID or DDI.

Once you have finished configuring the filters, click on Generate to get the report table. The following fields will be displayed:

  • Agent: The agent who sent the SMS.
  • Caller ID: The number the text appears from.
  • DDI: The number of the recipient.
  • Queue: The SMS broadcast queue the text was sent from.
  • Dataset: The dataset the customer record is from.
  • Call ID: Here you can the following options from the
  • URN: The unique reference number of the customer.
  • Timestamp:The time/date of when the message was sent.
  • Result: Whether the message was sent or failed.
  • Message: The message sent to the customer.

See how to Export a report.

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