Outcomes Report

The Outcomes Report allows admins to analysis data relating to Outcomes set by the agent when dispositioning a call.

To access the Outcomes Report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation bar and click on Outcomes.

Using the filter table, you can view a specific time period by clicking on the Start time and Stop time. You can also select a particular timezone, campaign, queues, agents or datasets you wish to see the following results. You have further filter options to view the report based on selected inbound or outbound calls, DMC, complete or sale outcomes.

Click Generate once the filters are finalised.

The following fields will be listed on the report table (certain fields are self explanatory):

  • Code: The ID number of the outcome.
  • Description: The description of the outcome.
  • DMC: Did the agent speak with a DMC (Decision Making Contact).
  • Complete: Record won't be called again now the outcome has been set.
  • Sale: Whether the agent made a sale or not.

See how to Export a report.

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