Daily Report

The Daily Report shows total calls, talk time, wrap time sales per hour, completes per hour and DMC’s (Decision Making Contact) per hour every day.

To access the daily report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation bar and click on Daily.

Using the filter table at the top of the page, you can choose specific day to break down per hour. To do this, click on start time and a calendar will ask you to select a date. Select a time zone if you wish to view the report from a specific time zone. You can also select a specific Agent or narrow the search based on Inbound / Outbound to get a more granular view.

Click Generate once settings are finalized.

The reports table will display in an hourly format as shown below. Once the table has been generated, the following fields will appear in the reports table:

  • Date hour: The date and hour in 24h format.
  • Calls: The total number of calls that hour.
  • Talk H:M: (Hour:Minute) Time agents spent talking per hour.
  • Agent A;M: Time agent spent dealing with answering machine per hour.
  • Max agents: The peak number of simultaneous agent logged in that day during an hour.
  • DMCs: The number of calls where the agent has spoken to the DMC (Decision Making Contact) per hour.
  • Complete: Total number of calls mispositioned with a complete outcome per hour.
  • Sales: Total number of calls dispositioned with Sale per hour.
  • Sales vs Completes: The percentage of completed records that ended in a sale during that hour.

See how to Export a report.

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