Connect to the Dialler with Web Phone

Agents can login using a Java based phone. The agents must have Java installed on their computer before they can connect using this method (download the latest Java library).

On the dialler screen, click on Web Phone then click on Connect.

You will receive this message if your Java software is out of date. If you wish to continue without updating click on Later and the loading of the webphone will continue.

If this is the first time you have used the webphone Java will ask for permission. Click Run if you agree to run this application.

Once Run has been clicked on then the webphone will automatically connect to the dialler and you will hear an announcement saying "Agent logged in".

On the agent page , the dialler screen will show you have be placed in Idle status.

You are connected to the webphone and can now make and take calls.

See other methods to Connect to the Dialler.

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