Connect to the Dialler with Soft Phone

A Soft Phone connection sends audio over the internet and once a Soft Phone application is installed and configure with the correct SIP information agents can open connection anywhere, they have internet access.

There are various Soft Phone applications available to download, a popular option to use is X-Lite

Any SIP endpoint which supports a G.711 codec can be used to access ContactNow.

You must ensure the Soft Phone connection method has been enabled via the Global Agent Options in System setup.

Click on Soft Phone and then click Connect.

If this is the first time you have connected via Soft Phone you will need to configure a third party application. To do this click on Sip configuration.

There are multiple SIP servers depending on your centre, you can check your SIP server by clicking on the SIP Configuration menu as shown below.

Run your third party application and enter the SIP configurations shown above.

To connect to the dialler click SIP configuration again to show the connection information.

The Agent should dial the number 3851000 via the Soft Phone application.

The Agent should login with their username and password as displayed.

Once the correct details have been entered, you will hear 'Agent Logged In' and the agent will be placed in an Idle status.

See other possible methods to Connect to the Dialler.

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