Connect to the Dialler with Desk Phone

Agents can connect to the dialler using a standard desk phone. If logged in from a Deskphone, agents will be charged a per minute login charge to cover the cost of the 0800 number. We do offer an alternative for this 0800 number . please contact your account manager to discuss options.

It is recommended that agents use headsets plugged into the desk phone. If your agent puts the phone down then it'll automatically log the agent out from the system, which will result in ending a call that is in progress.

On the Phone, click on Desk Phone then click Connect.

Dial the indicated number (the one next to "Dial") on your desk phone.

On your desk phone, enter the Agent No followed by the #.

On your desk phone, enter the Passcode followed by the #.

Once the correct details have been entered, you will hear the audio message "Agent Logged In", meaning you have successfully logged in and you will be placed in the Idle status.

If the handset is lifted and replaced the voice channel will be closed and will need to be re-initiated to open the voice channel again.

See other possible methods to Connect to the Dialler.

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