Make a manual call

An agent can make a manual call to contact a number or a queue from their Phone Book.

To make a manual call, you must be in the Idle status and have Manual Calls enabled in System setup.

Enter a number using the dialler on the phone, selecting a contact from the address book or choosing a queue.

If a contact or an agent assigned to a queue is available, the icon on the right will be green. If it is red it means that the contact is busy or all others are unavailable. You can also select from your list of favourite queues and contacts. Your favourites can be configured on the Settings tab.

When you are ready to make the call, click Dial, you will see the progress as 'connecting' until the dialler has connected you.

When a call is answered, your status will change automatically to On Call and the screen will display the script if you have one. The second row of tabs at the top lets you navigate to Record search, see the customer's details on their Customer record or view their View Call History.

During a call, the phone icon will display the call actions. Here you can put the customer on Hold, transfer the call, pause Pause call recording or start and stop a Call highlight. At the end of the call, you will be asked to Disposition the call. As you disposition a call you must choose an outcome as they are used to report on the result of the call. Once you have selected the right outcome, click Disposition. You will either go back to idle take a break or Available to work on another call.

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