Customer Records

Searching, editing and updating a customer record is simple and straightforward for agents. With the dialler hidden, they can concentrate on the customer and be more productive whilst on a call.

When an incoming call is received and connected to an agent, the system will automatically search for the customer's record to display to you by matching the caller id (telephone number) to a record within your datasets. If several matches are found, it will present the agent with a list of records to choose from. If a match cannot be established, you can either manually search for a customer or, if required, create a new customer record.

Editing records

When on a call, the details of a customer are accessible by clicking the customer record tab. This allows easy access to add and amend customer information. There is also a Notes tab to add customer notes while on the call and all previous notes will be listed underneath. From this screen you can also send customers text messages via the SMS tab provided you have created an SMS Outbound queue. Depending on the settings configured, the agents can either free type a message or select from set SMS templates.

Call History

Agents also have access to the View Call History of the customer via the History tab.

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