Assign Agents to Queues

You will need agents to make and receive calls and you can assign agents to specific queues from Agents, Teams and Queues under Configuration.

To assign an agent to specific queues, click the gear icon of the right side of the agent to be assigned, then select Assign Queues. When assigning an agent you will be able to choose which queues you want to assign the agent to such as Inbound and Outbound.

To assign the agent to a queue, click on the tick box next to the queue name, as shown below. You can set the agent’s priority level on the queue from 0 to 100 (lower/higher) compared to other queues. You can also tick the box Select All to assign all queues to the agent.

Click Save Changes once you have finished editing queues for the agent.

You can assign multiple agents to a queue from the queue tabs. Click the gear icon on the right side of the queue then select Assign Agents. There you will be able to select which agents you want to assign to that queue and edit the priority level. You can also Select All checkbox to assign all agents to a queue.

When finished ensure you save the changes, to abort any changes click Undo.


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