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Administrators can enable or disable tags on the Configure global agent options tab under System setup.

When Tags are enabled, agents can tag their calls. This can be useful to categorise calls and filter them in the Tags Report. So for example, an insurance company might get a sale for car insurance , but may have discussed house insurance, using tags in this case would enable the team to drive a separate campaign or market to it whilst dis-positioning the call as 'sale'

To manage Tags, hover over the Configuration icon in the Navigation bar, click on Outcomes and Tags and select the Tags tab.


There is a filter located on the left of the page to enable quick searches based on the criteria set. Tags can be edited or deleted by selecting the gear icon located to the right of the tag you wish to modify.

To add a new tag, click on the Add Tag button located on the top-right corner of the page.

When you Edit or Add a tag, you will be presented with the following popup:

Enter a description for the tag (e.g. gender, age group) and then assign it to one or more campaigns (Shift+click to select multiple campaigns).

Once you are satisfied with the settings click Save Changes.

Administrators can also choose to make tags mandatory or optional. If set to mandatory, the agent will have to select a tag before selecting an outcome to disposition the call. This can provide detailed insight for administrators by providing specific details regarding the call e.g. Tag- "customer due to pay" Outcome- "Callback" or Tag- "Pricing query" Outcome- "Website enquiry".

Administrators can also make tags campaign specific if they are not relevant for all agents.

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