Set advanced Outcomes Behaviours

Administrators can Create outcomes, Manage Outcomes and set advanced Behaviours for a contact centre's call. This allows multiple commands and work flows to be executed automatically by the simple choice of outcomes after a call.

In order to add advanced Behaviours to your Outcomes, navigate to Outcomes and tags from the Configuration menu and click on Advanced.

Here you set a behaviour that will be applied to a specific record when that outcome is selected.

Click on Add Behaviour

You will then be taken to a screen where you will have to fill in mandatory fields.

Select the Outcome for the behaviour to be run on. The following are the commands which can be set to the behaviour.


Change Dataset

This moves the record from it's current dataset into a different dataset. For example the outcome could be DNC and the advanced outcome set to move the record to your existing DNC list to allow numbers to be added automatically for future dataset cleaning.

Adjust callback command

For callback outcome you can change the command to adjust callback to ‘Now Plus Offset’ where you can schedule the exact time intervals between choosing the outcome and how long after the customer is called back. This can be set for agents or teams.

Send email

This will send an email when the outcome is set. For example to the order processing department when a sale is completed.


This option encompass two features

  • Post: Post customer record (on disposition) in either CSV, JSON or Raw file to a web server. The server receiving the request is responsible for processing the file.
  • SOAP: support integrations with three CRM providers (Sugar, Sage and FLG360). To fully implement this service you are required to provide the following
    1. Your CRM provider API URL endpoint
    2. Username and Password (used for authentication)
    3. Module (This is the Module/schema name where you which to store the record e.g Contacts. Leads, Account e.t.c)
    4. CRM Provider
    5. Select Campaign for field matching. This process involves matching of your campaign fields with your CRM Module fields.

Multiple Advanced Outcomes set against one outcome are triggered in order of creation.

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