Add or edit an Outcome

You can add or edit an outcome at any time.

To create new Outcomes or edit existing ones, hover over the Configuration icon in the Navigation bar and click on Outcomes and Tags.

  • To create a new outcome, click the Add Outcome button located at the top-right corner of the page.
  • To edit an existing outcome, click on the gear icon on the right of the outcome you want to edit

In both cases you will be presented with the following popup:

You must select Yes or No for all the following options before saving:

  • Complete - This determines whether the outcome will result in the customer not needing to be contacted again (e.g Not interested or Do Not Call). If set to no the system will keep the record live and will attempt to dial again at a later stage.

    If you choose No to Complete, you will be asked to choose whether or not you would like to Use Default Priority. See image below.

    If you choose No to Use Default Priority, you can then set the call back (outcome) priority. See image below.

  • Sale - Is the outcome being created classed as a sale.
  • Quick Outcomes - If set to Yes then the outcome will be shown in the quick outcome menu in Agent V.1. In the latest agent version the agent will not have to click the Disposition button after selecting the outcome, thus enabling quicker dispositions.
  • DMC (Decision-Making Contact) - Will the outcome determine whether the agent has spoken to the DMC.
  • Show to Agent - This option determines whether you want to hide the outcome from the agents. this can be used to hide outcomes that may no longer be in use or become obsolete.
  • Assign Campaign - Outcomes can either be set on one campaign or all campaigns.
  • Do Not Call (DNC) - This outcome will determine if a contact does not want to be called again. It will also create a default DNC list for your contact centre and for each of your campaigns.

Once you are satisfied with the settings click Add or Update, depending on whether you are creating or updating the outcome.

Grouping of outcomes

When adding new outcomes, you can organise them into groups by using the following formula in the field Description:

Group (hyphen) Outcome

For Example:

  • Complaint - Unhappy with service
  • Customer - New Customer
  • Sale - Signed up

The text entered before the hyphen will create the group. The text entered after the hyphen the outcome name.

For the above examples, complaint would be the group, unhappy with service would be the outcome found under this group. Customer would be the group, new customer would be the outcome found under this group. Sale would be the group, signed up would be the outcome found under this group.

This will display group tabs which are expandable on the agent disposition screen. As well as the groups you have created using the above formulas, there will be 2 default groups: Others and System. Others are any outcomes which are not grouped using the hyphen. System are any system outcomes.

Advanced behaviours can also be added to the outcomes. See Set advanced Outcomes Behaviours for further information.

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