Tags Report

Tags allow agents to add metadata to their calls. Agents can chose a tag before selecting an Outcome of a call to describe the call in more detail.

You can analyse which tags have been used within your contact centre on the Tags Report and see which specific tags were applied to a call from the Calls Report.

To access the Tags Report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation bar and click on Tags.

Generated table

You can set the start and stop time to view the report using a specific date range. You can also filter the fields based on campaign/queue/agent and dataset.

Report table

Once the desired filter has been applied and the report generated the following fields will be shown:

  • Tag name
  • Calls: Total number of calls tagged with this tag.
  • Calls (%): The percentage of total calls tagged with this tag.
  • Call Duration: The total call duration for that tag.
  • Call Duration (%): The percentage of the call duration for that tag.
  • Average Call Duration (%): The average call duration, displaying in hours, months and seconds.

See how to Export a report.

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