Call handling Report

The Call Handling report can be used to monitor inbound and outbound calls over a set time frame. The report has a field that shows the average call time, worked out by dividing the total talk time by the number of calls within the specified time period.

To access monthly report, hover over the Analytics icon from the Navigation bar and click on Call Handling.

You can narrow your report to a specific time frame using the filter table at the top of the page. To do this, click on Start Time and a calendar will ask you to select a date. Select a time zone if you wish to view the report from a specific time zone.

You can also select a specific Campaign, Agent, Abandon Time and Answer Time to get a more granular view.

Click Generate once settings are finalised.

Once the table has been generated, the report will show two tables, an outbound and inbound queue table.

Outbound Calls

The following fields appear for outbound calls: (certain fields are self explanatory)

  • Queue type: The type of queue
  • Queue: The name of your queue.
  • Calls: Total number of calls made from this queue.
  • Answered Answer Machine: Total number of calls reaching an answer machine.
  • Not Connected: Calls that weren't answered.
  • Abandoned: Total number of abandoned calls.
  • Abandon %: Percentage of calls from this queue that were abandoned.
  • Average Call Time: The average call time in seconds.

Inbound Calls

The following fields for inbound calls are as shown below: (certain fields are self explanatory)

  • Queue type: The type of queue made the calls. (This could be inbound, outbound,
  • Calls: Total number of calls.
  • Abandoned: Total number of calls where the customer hung up before reaching an agent.
  • Abandon %: Percentage of calls from the queue where the customer abandoned.

See how to Export a report.

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