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A Soft Phone connection uses an application installed on your computer to send and receive audio over the internet. This means that agents do not need to have desk phones or pay for telephony lines in your office. The Soft Phone method enables agents to connect to your contact centre anywhere with access to the internet.

There are various Soft Phone applications available to download. A popular option is X-Lite, we will be using X-Lite as an example of how you would configure your Soft Phone.

The Agent must have a Soft Phone application installed before they can log in via this method. In order to use X-Lite, Soft Phone must be enabled from Global Agent Options in System Setup.

X-Lite supports Windows and Mac operating systems. The instructions below describe how to set up X-Lite on Windows. Although the process is the same, the appearance may look slightly different on a Mac.

In order to log in using X-Lite, you will need to find out your SIP information. There are multiple SIP servers so it is important to get the server specific to your account. You can identify which one you need to use from the Agent login screen by selecting Soft Phone and clicking SIP Configuration.

Enter the credentials presented below into X-Lite.

Click Account Settings as shown below.

Fill in the account details provided for your contact centre.

When you have entered the credentials click OK.

Within 30 seconds you should see the Soft Phone connect to the SIP server and display Available with a green tick.

When an Available message is displayed with a green tick as shown in the screen below you have successfully setup your X-Lite Soft Phone.

To log in and start taking calls dial 3851000. You will be prompted to enter your agent number and password which can be found on the Agent log in screen as shown above. Once authenticated, you can minimize the Soft Phone.

Once the correct details have been entered, you will hear "Agent Logged In" which means you have successfully logged in and you will now be placed on Idle status on the Phone. The Agent can change their status to Available once they are ready to receive calls.

You may be presented with a security alert from Windows Firewall the first time you use X-Lite. Click Allow access. Depending on your user permission you may need your network administrator to do this for you.

X- Lite or other 3rd party soft-phone applications are not owned by DXI and therefore your licence with DXI does not cover any licensing that may be required to use these applications. Please ensure that you check the licensing requirements of any 3rd Party soft phones you use.

See other possible methods to Connect to the Dialler.

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