Change your Status

Agent status can be selected from the available list of options. Status must be changed In order to receive calls, make calls or even to notify time away from desk. Click the Status controller to display the different statuses that are available to chose from, these will be set by your administrator.

  • Available - Receive incoming calls from the queues you are assigned to.

  • Idle - Make manual calls from the Idle state. Different idle states can be set up such as going for a break, training, etc....
  • Dial - Shown while the phone is dialling a number, either manually or in a dialling mode.
  • On Call - Displayed while on call.
  • Disposition - After a call you need to choose an outcome and tags, if enabled.
  • Disconnected - Select a reason and disconnect from the dialler.

When on Available or Idle mode, the agent can click the Status box at the bottom-right corner of the screen and see a larger box similar to the above. The agent can then change their status to anything listed in the box, or click Disconnect to end their connection from Soft Phone or Web Phone.

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