Phone overview

The Phone can be used for making manual calls and managing current calls. You can manually input a number via the number pad screen and then click Dial to call it.

The Status controller at the bottom of the screen displays which status the agent is on and how long they have been on that status. Clicking the status bar allows the agent to change their status. The default selectable statuses are as followed:

  • Idle: Stops the agent from receiving incoming calls and also allows the agent to make manual calls.
  • Available: Allows the agent to take incoming calls and be passed outbound calls from the dialler.
  • Disconnected: The phone has disconnected and the agent needs to log back in again before they continue.

Clicking Disconnect will allow you to select a disconnect reason. Once a reason is selected the agent will be disconnected from the Soft Phone or Web Phone but remains logged in to the web interface.

Things you can do from the Phone:


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