Change your Avatar

You can change the colour of your avatar to a different one or you can upload an image to be used as your avatar.

To edit your avatar, click on the Settings tab on the Agent page. The avatar settings panel lets you pick a colour for your default avatar from the sixteen available. To upload your own image drag and drop it over the upload icon. You can also click to open the file browser and select an image to upload.


When the image has been uploaded it is automatically sized to fill the central area but it will give you an option to crop your picture according to your liking. You can use the slider below the preview to adjust the size of the image. You can drag it around until you are satisfied. Click Use image to save the new avatar or Cancel to discard the changes and upload a different image.

When your image is saved it will be stored in the history to the right of the colour options. 6 of your most recent images will be saved for you to reuse.


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