Why is my data not dialling?

If your agents aren’t receiving any calls to work on and your agents are in Available mode for long periods of time on the status board this could be the result of your data not dialling.


First check whether you have a positive balance. Admin users can view the balance in the top right of the contact centre next to the Top Up button.



Admin users can also choose whether supervisors and agents can see the balance. To show or hide the balance hover over the Configuration icon from the Navigation bar and select System Setup and then Global Agent Options.

Uploaded Dataset set to Live

Next you’ll need to check that your datasets are live so the dialler can begin working on calls. To change the status of your dataset hover over the Data icon from the Navigation and select Dataset Management.



You can filter the list of datasets by campaign on the left.To edit a dataset and change it’s status click on the icon to the right. Now you will be able to assign it a queue, change the priority and set the status to Live.


You can check the Call Back Status is set to All Records to ensure all previously attempted records are called back. This may change depending on the rules set in your contact centre’s Max Attempts settings.


Are records Available Now

A fresh record is data that has not yet been attempted by the dialler. To check fresh data you have available go to Dataset Management from Data. You will be able to view how much fresh data you have available to dial by hovering over the progress bar of a dataset.


Available Now indicates the number of records that are ready to be dialled and gives a percentage against the total records.

Available Later displays how many records have been called and have had an incomplete outcome set against them; which may include Answer Machine, No Answer. The retry times set on the outbound queue will determine when they become available to be dialled, they will then move and show under the available now total.

Are agents assigned to the queue that the dataset is assigned to, and are they logged in

You will need to ensure your agents are assigned to the same queue your dataset is assigned to. To check this navigate to the Queues tab in Agents, Teams and Queues, and select Queues.


Check to see if your agents are assigned to the right queue click on the specific agent to view which queue they are assigned to. To assign agents to the queue, click on the cog icon to the right of the queue, and select Assign Agents.


Tick the agents you want to assign and select a priority level for them on the queue.

Queues need to be turned on

Ensure that your dataset is assigned to an outbound queue, and that agents have been assigned to that queue. Even if your agents are not available the dataset will dial when an agent becomes available. If your dataset is still not dialling then it could be that the priority setting on the queue is switched off.

To check to see if the outbound queue your data is assigned to is turned off you will need to edit the queue. Hover over the Configuration icon, choose the Queues tab from Agents, Teams and Queues. Select the outbound queue your dataset is assigned to and edit it from the gear icon on the right hand side of the queue. Head to the settings tab and turn the Priority from Off to On.



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