Problem dispositioning calls

We have had a number of customers reporting agents having trouble dispositioning calls for the past 10 minutes. We are investigating a spike in load and will provide an update asap. Some customers are now reporting all is working as it should be, however we are treating with highest level of priority.

We apologise for any inconvenience


09:17 we have now been notified that all is working as expected. We will update when we are able to trace the reason for the outage. If you are still experiencing issues please let us know. 

Apologies for any inconvenience that this has caused you.


09:53 - Even though most customers appear to be operating as normal we have had a few reports of a repeat of the issue experienced earlier, we have escalated the investigations again and will update tickets as we find out more.


10:12 - Most customers are now operating normally however a few customers are still being impacted with a slower service or being able to disposition calls. We are seeing unusual loads on the slave DB servers and are still investigating at the highest priority.


10:34 - Whilst we are still trying to understand the root cause of the issues we are shutting off the chat function in order to release impact on the servers. One we can work out what the trigger is and resolve the issue we will reinstate the Chat function. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this will cause.


10:50 - We are still investigating the root cause of the issue so we can fully resolve however all alerts and monitors are currently showing the service should be back to normal. Can you please let us know if you are still experiencing problems. As soon as we have located issue and applied a fix we will turn the chat function back on and will update you all.

11:30 - reports show that performance issues have been resolved for all agents and we are now closing the incident. We will issue an RFO after our investigations and this will be attached to all tickets that had been created for the issue.

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